Meet the Cast
Rachel Schrey

Rachel Schrey grew up riding horses and having a strong interest in science and biology, so she went to college intending to be an equine vet. After graduating college, she went back to school at Hillsong College in Sydney, Australia to study TV/Media. There, she met her husband, and after marrying and moving to Nashville, TN, she began seriously pursuing and developing the craft. "My husband is a huge support to me, and I have him to thank for believing in me so firmly on my journey." Sometimes, she’s still stunned that this is the path she ended up on. “I’m so happy I didn’t let fear hold me back from this,” she says. “I had no idea would much I would absolutely love it!”

Bethany Davenport

Bethany Davenport is a certified math teacher and triathlete. She was really shy growing up and always thought acting would just be a pipe dream, but her husband gave her the final push to go for it, and she hasn't looked back since! She loves Broadway musicals and named her two cats after characters from musicals. 

Bethany incorporated some of her own habits into Kate's character, like playing with her hair and being shoeless as often as possible. She has been making vlogs of her travels for years, and that inspired her to do a behind-the-scenes vlog for Summer of '67. 

Sharonne Lanier
Ruby Mae

In fourth grade, Sharonne Lanier’s teacher forced the entire class to learn Dr. Martin Luther King's “I Have a Dream” speech for an oratorical contest. Sharonne thought this idea was ridiculous, but little did she know this would change the course of her life forever. She discovered she had a talent for performing in front of people. This talent would lead her down the road of acting and blossom into her undying passion. While she aims to positively impact lives through acting, she is also genuinely passionate about people and their well being which has led her to become a Registered Nurse. Sharonne says, "God has blessed me with two careers, a loving husband, and three amazing sons. How could life get any better!”

Cameron Gilliam

"I give you permission to do what you really want to do, and I think you should give yourself that too." God, through a med school interviewer, changed my life with those words, says Cameron Gilliam. He had always been an artist and storyteller, but never believed it could be his singular pursuit. "Four years after altering my plans of becoming a doctor, I now act, sing, choreograph, write, direct, and stunt for a living and a loving. I believe in the power of stories and the art of telling them well. I want to help people understand people and inspire a deeper love for ourselves, each other, the world we live in, and the One who created it all. May the stories we tell teach us who we are."

Jerrold Edwards

Ever since he was about 5-years-old Jerrold Edwards wanted to pursue acting. He was inspired by the character of Olivia played by Raven Symone on The Cosby Show. "I must admit that I was a Class Clown, so entertaining people is kind of my thing LOL. My goal in acting is to inspire and uplift people because I feel that all people should feel good. And I come to find that by my gift of acting I have been able to bring people great joy. That makes me happy!"

Mimi Sagadin

Mimi Sagadin’s acting career began in Chicago with improv and sketch comedy which led to performances on many different stages including children’s shows at the infamous Second City.  Well aware of the strong influence media had on the culture, Mimi began to actively pursue a film career….something she only dreamed since a young girl. 

But that dream became a reality when she was cast as well-known Dutch hero of the Holocaust Corrie ten Boom in the film Return to the Hiding Place, working alongside renowned Emmy-nominated John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings trilogy, Indiana Jones). 

Christopher Dalton

In Christopher Dalton's college freshman speech class, instead of doing an actual speech, he memorized a gigantic monologue from Charlie Chaplin's Great Dictator Speech for his class assignment . He brought in a booming stereo, turned on the corny music, and spouted away with vigor! Perhaps this impulse was a sign to push him into pursuing acting as a vocation.

Sam Brooks

Growing up Sam Brooks always acted out in life, living life to the fullest. Never did he think, though, he'd be an actor. "I went to college for Kinesiology to become a Physical Therapist. However, my senior year of college I decided I wanted to act. I'd rather do what I love and take a chance than do something I know wouldn't fulfill the life I want to live."

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