"As a veteran of the Forrestal fire and a Pastor, I can highly recommend SUMMER OF 67 to all my co-labors in Christ Jesus. This movie is a faith based, well written, well directed, and well produced film, with great care given to deliver a message of hope in the midst of despair. I thank God for how He touched not only our people at Pinecrest Baptist Church but more than nine other churches that gathered with us to watch the screening of this movie."   

- Garry Edwards Pastor of Pinecrest Baptist Church in Johnson City, TN 

"For me, the Summer of ’67, as the name implies, was a summer of unrest and exploration  – a time of first love, sacrifice, and holding on to hope while uncovering faith when walking through the minefields of life during the 60’s - and real minefields in Southeast Asia.  Personally, this movie had a buoyant, but powerful impact on me in recapturing and unearthing those memories that had been smothered and suppressed over time.  It takes great storytelling to do that, but this film does just that – it’s that good."  

- M.T. Arnold, Filmmaker, Vietnam Veteran

"An element that I didn’t really pick up on until a second watch is the deeper insight that this film anchors itself around. And that’s a gritty and realistic slap in the face to all of the other set pieces about the war. A lot of romance based films show this as a simpler time, the world of the past in films is typically shown as very basic, happy-go-lucky and straightforward. Summer of 67′ goes much further into reality, showing us a world not so simple and far more polarizing and complex than our time now in a lot of ways."

- Adam Monks, Reel Time Flicks

"Fear, pain, suffering, loss, and faith in God being tested, offset by love, faith, and God's awesome power are at the heart of Summer of '67. It is a true reminder of the strength of our military soldiers, their families, and our awesome God! We are pleased to endorse this film and encourage everyone to be watching for it. You don't want to miss it."  

- Rev. Timothy and Kathy Stetson, Guardian Angel Ministries and Richford, Vermont First Baptist Church

"Summer of ’67 is a story of love … love for country, love prayed for, love that struggles, love that rejoices, and love that mourns. The movie calls to remembrance that every veteran deserves our love and every soldier’s tombstone testifies to the greatest act of love."  

- Lisa Miller-Rich Pastor, Blogger, Author of 218 Ways to Own Joy

"Summer of ‘67 helps the viewer experience what life was like for families during The Vietnam War. Great attention to details make this film truly feel like it was filmed in the 60’s. May we never forget the sacrifices of our military and their families."  

- Tammy Goodman, Pastor's Wife, School Media Specialist

"In the busyness of life, it is easy to forget what our military families go through both today and in the past. The summer of 67 is not only a reminder of what military families face daily, it is also a piece of U.S. history that many may not know about."  

- Kim Chaffin, Heartfelt Rambling of a Midlife Domestic Goddess ® at
heartfeltramblings.com and Author of
Simply Blessed, finding joy in the little things.

"Summer of '67 is a moving and impactful film. It was like walking into history, feeling the emotions and seeing what it was like to live in that difficult time where faith and love were all they had to hold onto."  

- Maggie and Kevin Kavanaugh,
Moving Forward Ministries, TN

"Summer of ‘67 is a family friendly film that delivers a strong message about the importance of family, faith and country. A film that appeals to any viewer that features stories of love, loss, history and hope."  

- Allee-Sutton Hethcoat, Actress, Host, Miss Tennessee USA 2017

"Through vintage clothing and music Summer of ‘67 takes us back to the Vietnam era and the importance of faith."  

- Pastor Rusty and Laura Trotter,
Grassland Baptist Church, Franklin, TN

"Heartfelt and captivating! Honest portrayal of the sacrifices that military families experience for you and me."  

- Fatima Eid, Founder and Producer,
A Time To Hope, A Time To Heal

"Summer of ‘67 is a movie about a difficult time in American history that continues to impact our nation and is an era that we should all take time to better understand."  

- Sue Z. McGray Author, Speaker,
Regional Director, Christian Women in
Media Association.

"As an advocate for women driven films, I love the light in which we are shown pieces of lives of these brave women, faced with war, loss and the discovery of faith."  

- Alexandra Boylan, Founder of Mustard Seed Entertainment

"A beautiful historic tribute to our Service Men and their families, Director Sharon Wilharm, delivers once again with Summer of 67” Breathtaking Cinematography!"  

- Gail Metzbower, Radio Host, Up2Me Radio

"This is a movie that shows us just how damaging going to war can be on the people that are left behind, the waiting, the anxiety of not knowing and the bravery they must put on to remain strong around family and friends."

- Movie Reviews 101

"Based on real-life events, 'Summer of ’67' underscores the pain, hope, and uncertainty experienced by three women and their loved ones during the Viet Nam era. It’s no secret that both enlistees and draftees found their lives ripped apart by a war that is to this day much debated. The film makes no judgments on either stance but shows the comforting power of faith and the loving support of friends and family in rescuing us from despair."  

- Alex Kecskes, Editor, ACED Magazine

"Summer of ’67 is a beautifully crafted, moving tribute to some of the bravest heroes of the Vietnam War—the women left behind. With sensitivity and depth, the filmmaker recreates not only the volatile emotions of those turbulent times, but the love and loss experienced by many young families.

If you’re a boomer, you’ll want to make certain to see this film. It will arouse powerful memories and provide a much-needed opportunity to heal our tumultuous past."

- Mary Eileen Williams, Host, Feisty Side of Fifty

"Summer of '67 captures such a unique time in American history and portrays the complicated emotions surrounding military life with accuracy. Military wives know that feeling deployment brings. We face it and struggle with it while fighting to remain strong for our husband and our children. The world has much to say about war and politics, but military wives, we know how to love and hope like no one else. Kudos to filmmaker Sharon Wilharm. What an incredible film!

- Hannah R. Conway, Military Wife, Best    Selling Author of  "The Wounded Warrior's Wife" 

"I told myself before watching it that the only thing that could make me not like it was if it did not bring out the faith it took for those left behind at home while their loved ones were in Vietnam. Your movie did not disappoint me. In fact, it was powerful. I think I already said that—it was heart-rending. It was so true to life as how ordinary life was during that time. The details were exact: cars, home decor; the daily numbers of those killed reported by the media; even the young man who spit on the military. That happened to my future husband when he came home."

- Ann, Blogger, Wife of Vietnam War Veteran

"... The stories that follow weave together both expected and unexpected story elements, though they are consistently infused by the Wilharms' constant devotion to quality, faith-based storytelling that is universal in appeal and meaningful. While you're not going to find anything in the way of hardcore grit in Summer of '67, you can rest assured that Wilharm isn't afraid to be emotionally raw and honest including an early scene in the film that completely surprised me and put my emotions where they needed to be for the rest of the film."

- Richard Propes, The Indpendent Critic

"Summer of ‘67 isn’t a hyped-up Hollywood dramatization of the extremes. It’s about community gathering together to support each other, of drawing inspiration and encouragement from church and friends. For the first time, I realized our worlds weren’t that different. I connected with each of the women’s stories and could imagine myself responding in a similar fashion. The young woman praying for a husband, while another tries to discover where she fits, the young-married just starting a family when tragedy hits—all powerful performances!

- Robyn Hook, Christian Author

"A very well made film that brought back many childhood memories for me, but now viewed from the perspective of an adult. The script encompassed the POV of many during that turbulent time and demonstrated the mixed emotions that were predominant. The characters were brought to life through the talents of actors who stepped into the roles as though they knew them intimately. There are also scenes and images that will remain with me for a long time. Another exceptional film from the Wilharm family!"

- Cindy Navarro, Entertainment Blogger

""The story pulls you in and makes you root for the three main characters. It's also a heartwarming reminder of what really matters in life. (Ladies, mascara alert!)"  

- Mary Gutierrez, Chronic Illness Thriver and Blogger at HealthyEatingExperts(dot)com

"Although touted as a Christian film — one based on events surrounding the real life tragedy of the USS Forrestal, Summer of '67 doesn't clobber viewers with overt rhetoric, or with a heavy message. Simply put, Summer of '67 merely tells an engaging, family-friendly story about people struggling to "do" life together during one of our nation's most difficult times."

- Christopher Long, Show Biz Guru

"Faith shows up organically - and in the midst of sermons provided by pastors and chaplains. We can recognize that loss does make our hearts recognize the peace and grace we receive, that war is a deadly disease but that there's also a call to bravery and patriotism. In the midst of a quietly told story, Summer of '67 proves to be a film that speaks boldly into the heart, in its hurt and its recovery." 

- Jacob Sahms, Christian Cinema

"Clinging to their faith in the midst of all they go through in the movie portrays a powerful message of God’s faithfulness and promise that all will be healed in His time."  

- Allyson Kennedy, Author, Blogger

Far out! From the souped up cinematography to the groovy clothes, The Summer of ’67 is a nifty flick that shows the stateside casualties of the cultural and Vietnam wars facing America. Between flower power, the generation gap and the draft, a group of women in small town America are either tuned out, ticked off or uptight as they fight the war on the home front. But the one thing that keeps them tuned in to hope is their faith in a God who ultimately is Boss.

- Jenny L. Cote, Award-Winning Author and Speaker
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